Krukiv developed a new hopper car

  • Krukiv expanding line of hopper cars
  • Krukiv expanding line of hopper cars

Lineup wagons Kryukov Railcar added another new hopper cars for transportation of crops. In February Interagency Commission authorized its production. This wagon mod. 19-7053-02 to the size of the body 116 m3 capacity and 70.5 tons on trolleys mod. 18-7055, that can withstand axle loads of 23.5 ton.
The line of hopper cars of its own design Kryukov Railcar is already more than 10 models. They differ in the profile of bulk cargo transported and design features — the size of the body, types of trucks and unloading devices. Unusually large sizes new body model hopper car can carry at one time a significantly larger volume of products which have a bulk density less than 700 kg/m3. This sunflower seeds, bran, barley, oats, meal or malt. In addition to a large amount of new model has another advantage — slide gate discharge device, which has proved to be reliable and easy to use.
Kryukov hopper cars are in great demand in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries — exporters of grain products.

  • Krukiv expanding line of hopper cars

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The discharge system through the gate device is greatly simplified compared to the absence of the arm joints, screw drive or a worm gear drive. They are easy to maintain due process management capabilities of movement of knife gate valves on either side of the car. Cargo is easily poured through the discharge openings arranged horizontally slide devices.

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