Kryukov Wagon Works has developed a minelayer I-52


"Kryukov Car Building Plant" produces in addition to cars and mine-layers, I-52 on the basis of multi-chassis MT forehead.

History Kryukov Railcar began in 1869, with a small car repair shops Kharkiv — Nikolaev railway, who were engaged in routine repairs of freight cars. With the introduction in 1900 of new production buildings workshops have initiated repair of passenger cars. In those early years, worked at the factory 400 workers who provide repair 120 trucks and 20 passenger cars per month.

And today Kryukov Railcar important company in the design and manufacture of passenger cars and subway cars and by this special manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Minelayer I-52 production, "Kryukov Wagon Works" is designed for remote installation of mine fields, consisting of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Provides a statement of minefields in all weather and climate conditions at any time of day, in the temperature range from -45 ° C to 45 ° C, and the terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees (with its slopes, hillsides).

Provides installation of one-and two-lane minefields Scatterable in motion, some mining areas in the parking lot by automatically shooting consecutive minutes of tape placed in special containers mounted on a lightweight multi-purpose chassis MT-LBu;

Includes multi-purpose chassis MT forehead and equipment consisting of:

— remote control mining, established in the department of management;

— block containers for transportation and shooting minutes of the tapes;

— hoist unit containers from transport to working position;

— extendable mechanism containers;

— slewing unit containers.

Now this complex has been serving in a military unit A3814, the 12th Engineer Regiment, which is deployed in Novograd Volyn Zhytomyr region.

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