Kryukov Wagon Works won the tender to supply escalators

Such a long period of repair employees of underground explain that escalators will change, not just repaired. Moving stairs to the "Pushkin" preserved since 1956, when the station was opened. Bring new escalators from Ukraine, the competition for their delivery has won the official dealer of "Kryukov Railcar". As promised the builders, these escalators will last at least 50 years of age. But their number will not change. As before carrying three passengers will be moving stairs. Also on the "Pushkin" replace waterproofing oblique stroke and repair station lobby. For the entire overhaul planned to spend about 650 million rubles. 

Recall the original station "Pushkin" was supposed to close in early 2013. But then these terms have shifted. "It’s been waiting for approval from the Committee on Transport. Since July 1, will start at first preparatory work on dismantling the old escalator, and then it will begin to change "- quotesBaltInfospokesman SUE "Petersburg underground" Yulia Shavel.

The station itself, in spite of the fact that through the lobby, "Pushkin" you can not go out and down into the subway is closed. Trains will arrive at the "Pushkin" and decrease with it, get up it will be possible through the lobby of the station "Zvenigorod".

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