Kryukovsky car produced half a million trucks


May 22, Kryukov railcar released to the railways 1520 half a million freight car. They became the hopper car for grain model 19-7016 capacity of 70.2 tons and a body of 108 cubic meters.

Thanks to the development of technical ideas of designers and hard work of employees railway car plant and other units of our company that embodied the ideas of designers into life, created this easy-to-use, competitive handsome car. Such a model grain truck no one railcar in the CIS countries. It is optimal for the user specifications.


At a rally on the occasion of the release 500000th wagon were invited representatives of all departments and divisions of the company.

All of them for their dedicated work and contribution to the common cause to thank the speakers at the rally chairman Eugene Brushwood, Production Director Andrew Filonenko, deputy chairman of the trade union committee Valentin Golovko chief railway car shop Andrei Gypsy and master Vladimir Khomenko.

Freight cars on the Kryukov Wagon launched in 1930. Speakers remembered all stages of 83-year-old way of formation and development of the freight car building on our company, and each said succession of generations makers of cars and the fact that the creator of this wonderful event is all the working staff.

For excellent results in work and significant contribution to the development of the freight car building were awarded certificates and cash prizes encouraged a number of factory workers — designers and manufacturers.

Pleased railcar and a huge beautiful and delicious odinnadtsatikilogrammovy fototort featuring a handsome grain truck.


Freight cars on the Kryukov Wagon produced since 1930.

The first car — a platform capacity of 20 tonnes released in November 1930. Since then, the plant started production of more than thirty models of freight cars. Among them, gondolas, flat cars, hopper cars for the transport of manganese ore, peat, bulk cargo, cement tanks, containers for granular carbon, metal wagons for the transport of coal and other cars.

October 1, 1932 our company released the country’s first four-wagon load capacity of 60 tons. In March 1940 — created the first experimental platform for oil transportation capacity of 60 tons. After World War II is November 28, 1945 the refinery resumed production of serial gondola.

In July 1968, released on KVSZ 200000th car, in March 1974, — 250000th in February 1985 — 350000th in February 2007 — 450000th.

In 1981, for the design, creation and implementation of hopper cars for transportation of bulk cargo group of experts Kryukov Railcar awarded the State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology.

KVSZ products certified according to Ukraine, Russia, and the European standards ISO, American AAR. He has a number of international awards for the quality of products.

Today, freight train cars KVSZ — is the production of open-top cars with improved performance, a new generation of hopper cars, tank cars for the transportation of petroleum products, specialty, combined, covered wagons. The assets of JSC "Kryukov Car Building Plant" over 50 models of freight cars for different purposes, trucks and wheel sets.

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