kspeditsiya on Mars will start in February 2004





NASA has announced the completion of the preparatory work for the first in the history of manned flight to Mars.

It was dedicated to a special press conference held at the Washington headquarters of NASA, which was announced on the results of three years' work.

The expedition will be determined by a special commission by secret ballot. At the moment we know that the flight will leave 13 people: 7 men and 6 women.

This will be the representatives of different professions, as it is not clear which types of tasks will have to face the expedition. A special commission will determine the final composition of the crew of the 666 candidates, 13 more people will be selected for backup team.

"In the course of the development program, we had to deal with a number of different problems. One major difficulty — the so-called" Face on Mars. "It is most frightening astronauts: it is not known what it actually is — a sign of other civilizations, accident, or that or something else. Anyway, here much is unclear, but it will not stop us, "- said at a press conference Sean O'Keefe (Sean O'Keefe), president of NASA.

According to specialists, the journey from Earth to Mars will take 13 months and 13 days. The same time need to return, after will be completed a 13-day Martian research program.

Vehicle start is scheduled for Friday, February 13, 2004.



Please pay attention to the source. I think that it became clear.

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