kspeditsiya U.S. will dig the bottom of the Black Sea


Expedition United States "unearthed" the bottom of the Black Sea
16.12.03, the


American expedition plans to begin July 27 archaeological "dig" at the bottom of the Black Sea, and continue the search for evidence of the Flood, which could happen around 7500 years ago. Scientists also believe that they will find there the ruins of ancient cities and shipwrecks, well-preserved, as the sea bottom water contains almost no oxygen.

Expedition led by Professor University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert, who since 1994 has hosted the Turkish coast marine archaeological work. He is convinced that the bottom of the Black Sea holds the answers to many mysteries concerning so-distant times, as Bronze Age, the Roman and Byzantine empires and the emergence of Christianity in Russia.

However, the main purpose of the two-week expedition cost $ 5 million are searching for evidence of a monstrous flood that occurred in this region many years ago, which has turned the freshwater lake that existed here in the Black Sea with its amazing salt water. Scientists believe that this was a biblical cataclysm and the universal flood.

Feature of this expedition is that the number of participants will not be limited to only those who are on board the ship. With the help of the so-called "telepresence" — the brainchild of the famous Robert Ballard, who found the sunken "Titanic" in the works in real time will involve scientists and experts from around the world. Especially for this, he has created a "command center" of the expedition to the University of Rhode Island. Here, engineers will receive a "picture" transmitted via satellite from aboard the research vessel and the "output" of her on a dedicated channel on the Internet.

The expedition will run off the Turkish coast near Sinop Bay. It was here that the first expedition of three years ago have been found on the bottom of the ruins of the settlement. Scientists believe that hundreds of years ago, there was a large shopping center, through which the Crimea transported olive oil, honey and iron in exchange for wine and other goods. The scientists also intend to explore those areas of the seabed over which is supposed to trade routes.

During previous expeditions have found the bottom of the four wrecks, one of which is the Black Sea water is kept in excellent condition. Who will carefully examine the find. The scientists also intend to explore the ruins found in the past at a depth of 100 meters settlements, whose age is estimated to be 7,500 years old. Conduct underwater excavations will be a robot named "Hercules", which entrusted the collection of materials. Work in this area can bring long-awaited proof of either version of the Deluge, or facts that contradict this theory.

Now there is little doubt that the flood was really here. However, the question as to when it happened and how fast is still open. For a long time it was thought that there was a rise of water 9 thousand years ago and was gradual. However, against this theory were made in 1997, scientists Walter Pitman and William Ryan.

According to them, the flood occurred later and was very rapid, which is consistent with the Biblical account. Fredrik Hiebert himself doubts that anyone at all, and his expedition in particular, will be able to put an end to this dispute. However, he admits that this scientific dispute draws his expedition is the attention it is unlikely to have won otherwise. "I'd like — the scientist — that always followed my work for one and a half million people," the ITAR-TASS news agency.

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