KSU will prepare professionals for growing sapphire

December 16th rector of Kazan Federal University Il’shat Ghafurov and the project "Production of synthetic sapphire for optoelectronics" OOO "Kama Crystal Technology" Leonid Anisimov signed a framework agreement on cooperation, the press service of the university.

 Photo source:kazan24.ru

"Kama Crystal Technology" — A modern factory applying advanced technology in the cultivation of sapphire for electronic, optoelectronic, aerospace, time, and other industries. The plant currently implementing an innovative project "Production of synthetic sapphire for optoelectronics" in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The project is implemented by the Federal Program of the comprehensive investment plan to modernize the company towns.

 Photo source:ksu.ru

 Photo source:ksu.ru

The parties also discussed the next steps in the project. "This project has been initiated" from below. " It means that he has a future "- said optimistically Il’shat Rafkatovich after signing the document.

"Preparation for the project came several months. In the face of Kazan Federal University, we see the source of manpower, thanks to which we will receive highly skilled professionals. Very lucky that in our region there is a scientific basis with good traditions to the success of our project. Expected to conduct cooperation in various areas — research, education and innovation, "- said Leonid Anisimov.

On the part of MFIs on the project expressed their views Director of the Institute of Physics, Albert Aganov and Chair of quantum electronics and spectroscopy Murat Tahirov. According to them, under the agreement CFI will train specialists for OOO "Kama Crystal Technology" for growing sapphire. In the Kazan Federal University has accumulated vast experience in growing and processing the crystals on the basis of the research laboratory magnetic radio and Quantum Electronics of. S.A.Altshulera.

"Now in the laboratory employs 60 people. The most important thing in this project professionals involved in nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance, optical spectroscopy will be working on one big problem. This is a high-technology project. In addition, not only will we cooperate closely with the real sector of the economy, but also to conduct practice-oriented training, "- said Murat Salikhovich.

For the record: Sapphire — Single crystals of aluminum oxide (a clear, colorless variety of corundum). Sapphire has a high melting point, resistance to destruction, resistance to corrosive environments, high hardness, low friction coefficient, optical transparency over a wide wavelength range, radiation resistance and high acoustic quality factor. Of them can be done, for example, LEDs, screens of cell phones, laptop displays. Also, sapphires are used in medical and aviation industry.

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