Kuban completed the harvesting of grain

Gross harvest of cereal and leguminous crops in farms of Krasnodar region, harvested from 1.4 million hectares (100% harvest area) amounted to 5.5 million tons at an average yield of 40.3 tons per hectare, said Wednesday the Agriculture Ministry in the region.

"Cleaning completed two weeks earlier than last year. Gross yield on edge this year is 5.5 million tonnes at an average yield of 40.3 tons per hectare," — said in a statement.

It noted that in the northern zone of the region leaders in yields is Kanev district (47.8 quintals per hectare) at center — Vyselkovsky area (48.1 quintals per hectare) on the southern foothills and Anapa, Taman zones leader — Laba area (40.1 quintals per hectare) on the western zone — Kalinin district (39.1 quintals per hectare).For the Krasnodar region, one of the major grain-producing regions of Russia, the current agricultural year was the most difficult in many years. Thus, the lost time of field work and the loss of crops from frost, especially the spring, raise the question of the amount of future crops. Exacerbated the problem and hot weather in the Kuban region in April and early May (5-7 degrees above normal).

In 2011, the region has collected 11.5 million tons of grain.

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