Kuban designer with his own hands made aircraft weighing 54 kg

The time when people peresyadet of land transport in the cabin of the aircraft and depart by air, for example, the work seems to be just around the corner. Armavir Flying Club presented a unique aircraft, which, in its simplicity in managing and eliminating the need for human rights, can be compared with a moped, but only by air. This model —the world’s smallest, with unique flight characteristics. With its weight of 54 kilograms, he is able to lift 200. We can say that it is — "Aviation ant."


Designer Viktor Dmitriev air miracle created his quarter-century. In total, during his lifetime, he has collected more than 30 aircraft.

— When they came good results, since the seventy-ninth year, I started to come aviators, instructors and from Moscow and abroad. This aircraft was inspected and the astronauts, — said Victor Dmitriev, designer Armavir aviakluba.

The plane managed to get the award. For example, a gold medal at the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies. Also, the brainchild of aircraft has earned many positive reviews on the International Aviation and Space Salon in 2013.

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