Kuban has collected a record harvest of rice


November 1 in the area was marginal Chyrvonaarmeiski holiday "Rice-2012." This year, Kuban has collected a bumper crop of rice — 947,800 tons of grain from the area of 133,300 hectares. It is 8,000 tons more than last year.

For the first time in the history of rice cultivation in the Krasnodar region average yield of this crop was 71.1 centners / hectare. This corresponds to the level of Europe’s leading rice-producing countries with more favorable for the cultivation of rice soil and climatic conditions. On many farms the edge of the rice yield greater than 80 kg / ha, and in some checks — 110 kg / ha, which indicates the high potential of the industry.

At the harvest festival "Rice-2012" was attended by heads and heads of departments of agriculture risoseyaschih eight districts of the province, and rice-risopererabatyvayuschih companies irrigators, scientists, law enforcement officers, in short all those who contributed to the overall result.

In his speech, the Vice-Governor Edward Kutygin reported that Krasnoarmeysky district was not accidentally chosen to host the rice harvest festival. He is considered the center of the rice-growing not only in the Kuban region, but also in Russia. Every year 30% of the Russian grown rice.

"In the Kuban harvested a good crop of rice. But the scope for productivity growth has not yet been exhausted. The potential productivity of our Kuban varieties of 120 kg / ha is implemented in the best farms of only 70%, and some do not even reach 50% — said Edward Kutygin. — However, the yield at any cost we do not need. In today’s economic environment should be a reasonable approach to the production of any crop that provides increased profitability per hectare. The optimum combination of cost, productivity and quality — the path to economic stability of the enterprise and the industry as a whole. "

Foremost rice harvest: combiners, zhatchiki, irrigators, drivers, supervisors, chief agronomists, chief engineers, chief hydraulic engineering, head of farms that received the highest rice yield, scientists, law enforcement officers, were awarded diplomas and prizes.

The winners of the competition who have reached the highest rates in the production of rice on 1 hectare of cultivated area among municipalities recognized: Krasnoarmeisky (73.4 t / ha), Slavic (70.5 t / ha), Kalinin (69.1 t / ha) and Abinskiy (69.1 t / ha) areas. Diplomas and prizes awarded heads of regional branches FGBU "Management" Kubanmeliovodhoz "municipal Krasnoarmeisky, Slavic, Kalinin and Abinskiy areas.

Diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture awarded the Russian director of "Concern agribusinesses" Revival "Andrew Kuemzhiev.

The title "Honored Worker of Agriculture of Kuban" was given to the General Director of CJSC "Anastasievsko" (GC "Razguliay") Alexander Antonov, chief of Hydraulic Engineering rice-breeding factory "Red Army" name A.I.Maystrenko Sergei Bashtova, Chairman of the Board of NO "Agro-Industrial Union of Kuban" Igor Lobach.

Thanks of the Administration (Governor) of Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev declared Tractor driver agricultural firm "Kuban" (Slavic district) Alexei GARBUZ, irrigators elitist-seed venture "Red" (Krasnoarmeisky district) Karmaza Elena, Head of Car Garage Ltd "Aspect" (Slavic district) Viktor Sazonov, an agronomist by rice rice-farm "Right Bank" (Temryuksky district) Andrey Tishchenko.

Rice breeding in Russia started to develop rapidly in the days of Nikita Khrushchev. It is in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century and was created by a key element of the rice industry infrastructure — irrigation systems that work to this day. In 1980 there was a record for the collection of rice, which is not beaten so far — 1.4 million tons. However, then the acreage of 220 thousand hectares, and yields over 70 t / ha was recorded only in some rice paddies. Today, 70-80 and even 90 kg / ha is not collected with separate checks, and the average for the economy. Came the new technology, high-yielding varieties, excellent technology of domestic and foreign production. Rice breeding with the support of the state is actively developing. The last two years are beginning to Kuban rice export to neighboring countries. High potential Rice makes sure that the rice will soon become the second export crop.

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