Kuban Valley is implementing the project in the Stavropol region

OOO "Kuban Valley" builds in the Stavropol region Stepnovsky plant to produce juices and nectars. The project will require investment of about 150 million rubles. The decision to implement the project was taken during the negotiations of the Economic Development Region with the company. The project will be implemented by means of credit, negotiating with several banks. The loan will be secured by government guarantees. "Kuban Valley" can expect to subsidize the interest rate on the loan.

According to the director of "Kuban Valley" Basil Savchenko, the project involves the creation of with the full cycle of production, including the cultivation of raw materials, their processing and bottling.

Among the obvious advantages of the project — the release of premium products that will be sold to the consumer at low prices. Launch of the new plant will supply the domestic market is really high-quality products,juices and nectars from fresh fruit.

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