Kuban-yielding rice farmers go on record

Kuban rice farmers are going to record. Krasnodar region on gross collection of this cereal has surpassed Europe’s biggest distributor — Italy. Next fall in the region expect to collect a million tons of rice. The secret to productivity — in a special way of sowing.

Kuban third year, scientists breed new varieties of rice. Harvest, however, has only enough seeds. But it does not matter — gross running korotkozernovyh passed last year in 60 quintals per hectare. Ironically, helped in this crisis. On the technology for the manufacture of checks funds are not enough, and then remembered the old way of planting. Now, grain — to a depth of three centimeters in the ground and not on the surface. Without further treatment after the Gulf of rice water does not float, and the seeding rate per hectare decreased by about half.

This method of planting rice can be called old-fashioned. Forgot old agricultural schools back in the 84th year. Now back to this again. Figure in this case, out of the ground is not even a strong wind blows, the birds do not peck grain harvest and manage to collect earlier than usual. However, not all the disadvantages can be turned into advantages. Grow rice is becoming more expensive. Thus the profit from the sale of the grain does not grow.

"The costs associated with the cultivation of the soil, increase the price of water at all … The cost of all services is increasing, and the price of rice remains the same" — resents agronomist Sergey Fomenko.

In the past year, despite all the difficulties, the Krasnodar region on the gross collection has surpassed Italy, Europe’s biggest rice supplier. One-third of the Kuban crop went for export, which is planned to be further developed.

"We must try not to trade with raw materials and finished goods to cost of exports remained at us in Russia", — said Sergey Garkusha, Minister of Agriculture of the Krasnodar Territory.

This year, farmers are hoping to yield 70 quintals per hectare. If the weather permits, the fall of the long-awaited record of one million tons of rice will be delivered Kuban.

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