Kubanenergo Novokubansky upgrade equipment in the area and in Armavir


In Novokubansky district and the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Territory has completed the installation of modern vacuum circuit breakers to replace outdated oil at 35 kV substations "Deep" and "Wastewater treatment plants." Completed the event specialists of the branch of "Kubanenergo" Armavirskie electrical network.

The advantage of a vacuum circuit breaker due to high speed, explosion and fire safety, environmental friendliness, minimal operating costs, increased resistance to shock and vibration.

Energy also spent two established telemechanics vacuum switches 6 and 10 kV and completely replaced the relay protection and automation. Remote Control, will manage the electrical substation via a high-frequency communications, to respond quickly to emergency situations and to eliminate technological disturbances. In the assembly and commissioning works were involved in six teams of specialists.

35 kV substation "Treatment Plants" was commissioned in 1979. It is a key target of electricity socially significant object "Kurganinskii plumbing" and more than 5 million residential customers of Armavir. 35 kV substation "Deep", built in 1985, provides electricity nine social facilities and more than 4 million people living in the three villages Novokubansky district.

Completed works will allow power companies "Kubanenergo" greatly improve the safety and quality of operation of electrical power supply to consumers.

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