Kuibyshev Refinery has commissioned a new block of the catalytic reforming unit

 Photo source:rosneft.ru

Samara region. 04.07.2011g.
Kuibyshev refinery, part of the Samara group of refineries NK "Rosneft" has commissioned a block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fractions of a catalytic reforming process.

The purpose of the construction of BSF — getting gasoline that meets the EC standard (EN-228).]
Power — 700 thousand tons per year. Block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction (BSF) of stable catalyzate L-35-11/1000 catalytic cracking unit is designed to reduce the benzene in the fraction to less than 1%.

Currently at the Kuibyshev refinery is a large-scale reconstruction, the purpose of which — providing of petroleum product standards "Euro — 4" "Euro — 5".
In 2010, the modernization of oil refineries were sent to 4,000,000,000 rubles. The global enterprise modernization in 2010 revolutionized the Kuibyshev refinery visbreaking, completed the construction of parks, liquefied petroleum gas, as well as Commodity park of a catalytic cracking process.

JSC "Kuibyshev refinery" is included in "Samara group ‘factories NK" Rosneft ". In 2010, the oil refinery processed 6.7 million tons of oil. The company produces a full range of marketable petroleum products — gasoline and diesel prices of different brands, fuel oil, liquefied gases, sulfur. At present, the plant implemented a corporate program scale reconstruction of production, the purpose of which — a full transition to the production of motor fuels that meet environmental standards Euro 4 and Euro 5.

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