Kuibyshev refinery (Samara region). Started production of gasoline Euro-5

JSC "Kuibyshev refinery" started production of gasoline "Super Euro — 98" standard "Euro-5" (kind III 5th emission class of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union).

  • Kuibyshev Refinery

Production of gasoline higher environmental class was made possible as a result of the oil refineries in the large-scale modernization program production, whose main goal — a complete transition to fuels class "Euro 5", as well as increasing the depth of processing, improve environmental and industrial safety company. The program has already commissioned a block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction (BSF), a plant producing hydrogen pressure swing adsorption unit.

At present, construction of nine other major industrial facilities and renovation of existing, including other facilities.

The use of gasoline higher environmental class — the so-called "Euro-5" — especially important for large cities, where the greatest amount of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. The difference between this class of vehicle fuel from gasoline "Euro-3" and "Euro-4" is significantly smaller amount of sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons, the products of combustion are the most negative impact on the environment and human health. For example, the fuel grade "Euro-3" is an aromatic content of 42% in the "Euro 5" — only 35%. Noticeably smaller and sulfur content: if the "Euro-3" with 150 ppm, «Euro-4" is 50 ppm, in the "Euro-5" only 10 ppm. This means that emissions vehicle running on gasoline class "Euro 5" contain 15 times less toxic than the "Euro-3."

"Euro-3" may be used before the end of the 14th year, and "Euro-4" — until the end of 2015.

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