Kuibyshev Refinery to invest in the modernization of 10.4 billion rubles

For the past few years of "Kuibyshev Oil Refinery" (Refinery) is a modernization of production. Its purpose — to transition to the production of petroleum products to Euro-4 and Euro-5.

At present, the plant is being built a few settings, in particular, of a catalytic cracking FCC (intended for processing vacuum gas oil to produce high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel), which will start to be decommissioned plants operating since the 1950’s, and will a significant increase in production of gasoline.

To ensure the operation of the new equipment at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of oil refineries, held in Moscow on March 5, it was decided to approve the three major contracts for construction and installation work for a total of more than 10.4 billion rubles.

In particular, it was approved the conclusion of the contract for construction and installation work on the "vacuum gas oil hydrotreater" between oil refineries and JSC "Caustic" in the amount of 4.85 billion rubles. This equipment is designed for the preparation of raw materials for the catalytic cracking of FCC and increase the depth of oil processing by developing an additional component of commercial diesel fuel.

Also agreed to a contract for the construction and installation works between oil refineries and ZAO "Volgatransstroy-9" on the project "Hydrogen Production Unit" $ 1.9 billion, under which the company will supply the equipment for hydrogen vacuum gas oil hydrotreater complex FCC.

At the general meeting has been approved and the contract with "Parkneft" for construction and installation work on the project "Installation of the production of elemental sulfur" worth 3.65 billion rubles.

In addition, as reported in the service of the public relations Refinery, as part of the development program in 2011, the company was commissioned block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction (BSF) of stable catalysate catalytic reforming capacity of 700 thousand tons. Parallel construct isomerization unit, designed for processing of light paraffinic hydrogens to produce high-octane components of gasoline.

By 2015, the modernization of the Kuibyshev refinery to be completed. "In fact, it will be the end of the second birth of the plant, — the press-service of the company. — As a consequence, will increase the quality and quantity of products manufactured by the enterprise. Start new projects involves the creation of new jobs. " 

Big Plans

According to the former director general of Alexander Karpyak oil refineries, the implementation of plans for the construction of new facilities, upgrading of facilities in the Euro-4 and Euro-5 began in 2009, when he was head of the company.

"In 2009, this work has been allocated 2 billion rubles, in 2010 — 4,000,000,000 rubles, in 2011 — 6 billion — said Karpyak. — The rate of funding is gradually built up. But to estimate the total cost to upgrade the enterprise is difficult — evaluation will be after the completion of the reconstruction. In 2009, the preliminary works were estimated at 30 billion rubles, in 2011 — 50 billion rubles, now — about 100 billion rubles. "

According to the chairman of the petrochemical industry, the fuel and energy sector and environmental protection of the Samara Regional Duma Andrei Kislov refinery — it is always important production, and the fact that there have been retrofitted, was correlated with the policy pursued by the "Rosneft" across country. "It is good that the state-owned company invested in modernization, — said sourly. — From the fact that oil refineries will produce more environmentally friendly fuel, everyone will be comfortable to live alone. "

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