KumAPP: results of 2011 and plans for the future

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise in its annual report summarized the results of 2011 and announced its plans for the future.

The cost incurred in 2011 helicopters valued at 6,996 million rubles., Including Ka-32A/A11VS — 1 162 mln., Ka-226 — 1 355 mln., Ka-31P — 769 million rubles ., the Ka-31 for China (ed. 531) — 3,708 million rubles.

Plans for 2012 provided for the production of five Ka-226/226T (two of them are modifications of the Ka-226T) and 20 Ka-32. In 2013, plans to produce nine Ka-226 and 24 Ka-32. It is also planned to resume the overhaul — for 2013 release sounded the seven refurbished helicopters.

The report contains data on some contracts for the supply of the helicopters manufactured KumAPP:

  • contract from 5.10.2010 with PD Aero-Kamov for the supply of Harbin "Tyane" not less than five Ka-32A11BC
  • a contract from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan 15.08.2011 with the delivery of two Ka-32A11VS with the price 19.9 million;
  • Contract dated 19.09.2011 with Russian Helicopters to supply a Ka-32A11VS with the price of $ 16.5 million;
  • contract with the Bejing Kami Aviation Technology to supply Ka-32A11VS with the cost of 8,261 million rubles., delivery time — until the end of 2013;
  • gos.kontrakt from 1.03.2011 to supply Ka-226 of the Defense Ministry by 2.9 mldr.rub.;
  • gos.kontrakt from 18.12.2009 the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with a price of not less than 181 million rubles.


The main product is KumAPP Ka-32 of various modifications. In addition to Russia, the Ka-32 are serving in Canada, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Cyprus. The biggest foreign operator is the South Korean Navy, in their park 63 cars.

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