Kunashir consecrated the new church

Recently in South Kuril’sk (Kunashir) consecrated the Orthodox church. This is not the first attempt to build a church on the island. In the 90 — years of the twentieth century, there was already a wooden church, but because of the raw climate it quickly decayed. Then, many years service in the South Kurilsk carried anywhere. And now — the stone church. His erected best masons from all over Russia, and the wall paintings and icons covered with special materials to protect the paint from the salt fog.  The emergence of Orthodox crosses on Kunashir sparked a wave of protest from the Japanese — they violently resent the development of Russia "disputed territories." Meanwhile, Russia in the next 2-3 years, plans to invest in the development of the Kurils another 18 billion rubles. With this money will be built marinas, airports, apartment buildings.

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