Kupyansky engineering plant resumed operations after more

than five downtime

Told the "SQ" Kupyansky Mayor Vladimir Demchenko. According to him, the plant has recently included in one of the industrial corporations (her name has not been disclosed). It is planned that the corporation, which also owns enterprises for the production of bricks, load the factory with orders for 60%, and the remaining output will amount to orders from outside.

According Demchenko, the plant will supply equipment for brick and sugar plants — belts, gears, motors, ovens, tanks. "Of course, we can not say that the number of employees of sugar factories is increasing, but given the fact that the machine works, too, does not get more of our products will be in demand," — said Demchenko.

According to the mayor Kupyansk, once the plant has earned having problems with the fiscal authorities. "Over the years, the enterprise has emerged idle duty in various funds and services. Once the plant is earned (and not even had time to send the first batch of production), the police came and began to demand immediate repayment of the debt. Had to collect a meeting and invite the leaders of local branches of the Pension Fund , tax inspection and enforcement service to ask for delay payments. plant has already started to pay off debts, but he should be given time to earn a profit, "- said Demchenko. 

He said that with the Pension Fund to reach an agreement on debt restructuring, but the tax office for this variant does not agree. "A lot of business entities are pledged to the tax office and put up for sale. We offer them not to sell the shop, and give the plant time to pay off the debt, and he could use their facilities," — said Demchenko.

In addition, the mayor Kupyansk said that after six months of inactivity recently reopened Kupyansky plant silicate products. "He stayed for the winter to be modernized. Since the beginning of the construction season plant began production of foam blocks and bricks. Way, its products are available not only in Kharkov, but in the Luhansk region. Currently, the company employs about 350 people," — said Demchenko.

He recalled that a few years ago stopped working Kupyansky sugar factory. Now in its territory the company "Diamond Don" is planning to organize elevator there, where there was a fleet of a sugar factory, running a large enterprise in terms of passenger traffic, the former tractor — a plant for the manufacture of metal-plastic windows and doors. Part of the sugar factory bought Kupyansky milk factory, which is located next door. "The plant is gone, but in its territory the formation of new businesses, which gives the city jobs. And if we go to the employment of 1,400 people, and it is so much work in a sugar factory, the problem can be considered solved," — said Demchenko.

Commenting on the Kupyanskaya foundry, Demchenko said there running one of the shops, but the information about the full recovery of production yet.

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