Kurakhovskaya TPP (Ukraine) is included in the network of Turboatom turbine production

Steam turbine "Turboatom" on the block number 8 Kurakhovskaya TPP (Ukraine) is included in the network


February 11, 2012 with the participation of experts "Turboatom", the first launch of the turbine at idle, February 16 unit has been connected to a network for the development of power.

The station carried commissioning. After reaching the rated power of the turbine will be put into operation.

At the 8 th block Kurakhovskaya TPS for 2011 "Turboatom" upgraded the steam turbine K-200-130-1 of 200 MW of the Leningrad Metal Plant (Russia) with a full replacement cylinders of high, medium and low pressure. This volume of work on the reconstruction of thermal power plant company performed for the first time.

The reconstruction of power capacity will reach 225 MW.

To date, the manufacturing plant is equipment to upgrade the block number 6 Kurakhovskaya TPP, which will be carried out in the same amount of work. The main technological innovation of this order — the exception Bauman stage in the cylinder low-pressure turbine blades and installing a new generation of professionally designed "Turboatom" in all cylinders to allow maximum use of the energy in the steam turbine.

In 2009, the plant supplied the equipment for the reconstruction of the block number 7 Kurakhovskaya TPP, which made replacing the low pressure cylinder, body parts, diaphragms and rotor. The unit was put into operation in 2011.

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