Kurgan began production SPG 2S31 Vienna for Azerbaijan

  • Press and Information Office of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  • Press and Information Office of Defense of the Russian Federation.

ACS 2S31 "Vienna" was first presented at an arms fair IDEX-97 back in the 90s, but the customer for this very advanced for its time, was not developing.

Standard "Vienna" was not issued, a few cars were in various test centers in Russia, although there have been reports of supply in the Armed Forces of the initial batch.

But it looks like "ice is broken" and Kurgan began mass production of 18-ACS ordered by Azerbaijan.  

  • Production backlog ACS 2S31 "Vienna"
  • Production backlog ACS 2S31 "Vienna"

Earlier, Russia already started shipping Azerbaijan in the new party of military equipment, which includes tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery.

The contracts provide for the supply of:

— 94 T-90S tanks
— about 100 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3
— 18 self-propelled artillery pieces "MSTA-S"
— 18 launchers, multiple rocket launchers "Smerch"
— 8 self-propelled artillery "Vienna"
— six heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "sun"

This, together with tanks and artillery and bought all the machines needed for their service.

2S31 "Vienna" — Russian 120-mm self-propelled artillery gun on the chassis of the BMP-3.

Developed in the city of Perm in the Motovilikha plants.

Designed for suppression of manpower, artillery and mortar batteries, rocket launchers, armored targets, firing equipment, and control points at a distance of 13 km, while able to automatically adjust their fire on the results of resection ruptures independently carry out exploration targets day and night, conduct aimed indirect fire and direct fire without preparation firing position.

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