Kurgan Bus Plant has developed a new model of gas bus

Kurgan bus factory produced KAVZ bus-4238-72 with the engine running on compressed natural gas CNG. The car will be shown at the exhibition "Commercial Vehicles", which will be held from 9 to 14 September in Moscow "Crocus Expo".


This is already the second bus of the model, descended from the conveyor KAvZ. The prototype, which was made last winter, passed factory and passed certification tests.

KAVZ-4238 CNG production Kurgan Bus Plant continues range of equipment for the production of methane "GAZ Group", within which business operates today. This modification of the bus of the middle class is designed to work on commuter and intercity routes. The machine is equipped with a gas engine Cummins environmental standard "Euro-5", the manual transmission ZF. Gas fuel allows the machine to a power reserve of 530 km.

In the bus, a lot of innovative design solutions. KAVZ-4238 CNG has an independent front air suspension, pnevmorychazhnuyu rear suspension, front disc brakes. As an auxiliary braking system installed dynamic magnetic retarder (moderator) from VOITH. Just KAVZ-4238 CNG fitted with steering integral type, a satellite navigation system GLONASS, a digital tachograph.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of passengers. The bus is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing, a rearview camera and a review of the cabin. All gas equipment installed on the bus, certified to comply with international safety requirements. KAVZ-4238-72 corresponds to the EURO 5 emissions standard. At high environmental performance of the bus has an effective economic indicators: reduced operating costs due to the low cost of gas fuel, high resource-balanced body and powertrain.

TV and DVD, sound system, comfort seats with folding backrests and tables provide passenger comfort during long journeys.

Gas KAVZ-4238 is planned to certify and produce pilot batches before the end of this year.

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