Kurganstalmost Company — the largest production of Kurgan region

CJSC "Kurganstalmost" — a leading Russian company producing metal bridge construction. The main building of the enterprise covers an area of 75,000 square meters. It integrates the entire production cycle, from filing the metal and shipment of finished products.

The Holding Company "Kurganstalmost" is also included, LLC "BAUER MACHINES — Barrow." The company was founded in 2006 and manufactures a new generation of construction machines, designed for drilling operations, both in industrial and civil construction.

The share of "Kurganstalmost" for 25% of steel produced in the country. Enterprises engaged in production of steel used not only for the construction of bridges. At present JSC "Kurganstalmost" is working on the creation of steel structures for the Central Olympic Stadium in Sochi.


In the "arsenal" of the twin bridges of the plant made by JSC "Kurganstalmost" for the city of Leipzig, the construction of the Annunciation bridge across the Bolshaya Neva in Saint Petersburg — Russia first iron bridge and the second phase of the Obukhov cable-stayed bridge in St. Petersburg, the bridge to the temple Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, and more. Production of JSC "Kurganstalmost" — milled fiber was used in the construction of the bridge over the River Tour in the Tyumen region.


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