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For the first time since 1991, the economic development of the Kuril Islands government has allocated 6 billion rubles

The total state funding under the federal program "Social and economic development of the Kuril Islands in the period up to 2015" is almost 18 billion rubles. This was recently in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk said Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin.


This volume of investments the region had since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Strategically important for the Russian outpost in the Far East will receive comprehensive socio-economic development. It is also important from a geopolitical point of view, first of all, due to the well-known Japanese claims four South Kuril Islands.

Recall that in the late 1940s — mid-1950s to the Kuril Islands, particularly in the development of energy, transport network and the fishing industry, to invest large financial resources. And at that time planned to build a motorway through-transkurilskuyu Shumshu (northern Kuril Islands) — Kunashir (southern Kuriles) length of almost 1,000 km. But since the late 1950s in connection with the infamous Soviet-Japanese Declaration of 1956, in which the Southern Kurile Shikotan and Habomai should be transferred to Japan after the conclusion of its peace treaty with the Soviet Union, funding Kuril economy and social sphere gradually began to wane.

As for the current plans, as noted A.Horoshavin, in 2013-2014. in the archipelago, including the Southern Kurile Islands, plans to create new freight and passenger berths, fish processing facilities, roads, geothermal power plants. As well as airport Iturup, Shikotan fish complex.

Not surprisingly, projects and plans Russian Japanese officials and the media periodically criticized, considering that Moscow "violating territorial and economic rights" of Japan. But this kind of propaganda shell Japanese positions. In fact, in Japan, unhappy strengthening Russia’s economic presence in the Kuril region — especially in the South Kuril part of it, to which Japan claims the mid-1950s. Japanese officials and media say that as if only their country is able to develop the South Kuril economy.


According to estimates Sakhalin Regional Administration and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the implementation of the federal program Kuril provide budgetary self-sufficiency in the region.


Twice as increase the efficiency of natural indicators fishing industry, and its financial revenues — by 2.5 times. A similar view in the Fund’s management "Vnesheconombank" Development of the Far East and the Baikal region.

The program includes the development of the vast resources of geothermal energy (underground sources of hot water). According to its reserves second only to the archipelago of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Iceland and New Zealand. According to expert estimates, these resources cover a minimum of three times the annual demand for the Kurils electricity and heat. By the years 2015-2017 in the archipelago will create five geothermal power plants that reduce the cost of local electricity and heat more than half (due to the low cost of geothermal electricity). In addition to the many offshore islands and on their land explored large reserves of gas hydrates, ie gas-containing materials (they were found there in the "Japanese" period — at the end of 1930). Implementation of these plans is tentatively scheduled for the period of 2016-2018 years. In the meantime, on the island of expensive imported coal and oil that reaches a third of the expenditure part of the local budget.

But these same resources, and in large quantities, there are in Japan, for example, near the island of Hokkaido and on the island itself. The Japanese side already in 2014 plans to begin development of energy resources. The reason is clear: Japan is not eager to continue to increase gas imports from Russia: the volume of deliveries for 2010-2012. increased by a third, and if this trend will be continued, it will be forced to Tokyo swept away the wave their activity in the "South Kuril issue."

As for the basics Kuril economy — the fishing industry, first of all, let us note that in 2015-2016 years. it is planned that more than 60% rybosyrya, produced by Russian fishers in the waters adjacent to the Kuril Islands, will be recycled in the archipelago. As it was, say, until the second half of 1950 due created in 1947-1956. capacity for processing fish. A local raw material is indeed very valuable: salmon, crab, eel, shrimp, tuna, mackerel, lampreys, and so on.

After signing the mentioned Soviet-Japanese Declaration of the local fish processing in Moscow recognized the unpromising. As a result of the current fisheries in the Kuril Islands can process, at best, only a third of the raw materials.

There are plans for the development of the Kuril Islands and of the tourist sector.


Region — one of the world leaders in the healing geothermal waters, mineral water, mud and medicinal plants.


According to Governor Alexander Khoroshavina, "Investment and the Ministry of External Relations of the Sakhalin area requested in the I quarter of 2013 to include in the list of projects facing the special supervision, the construction of health center-based mineral springs on about. Iturup. "

This is the first modern spa resort ("Green Lake") on the Kuril Islands, which will be built in the spring. It will be erected on the Hot water springs, long known for its healing properties. Mineral springs capacity of about 800 cubic meters. water with a temperature of 81 degrees Celsius, located near the complex, not only will allow year-round to take mud baths in the open air, but at the same time will heat the resort itself.

Until now, health features and the unique nature of the Kuril Islands were virtually closed to public recreation, tourism and treatment. According to Eugene Vetchaninova, first deputy head of the municipality "Kuril city district", the Kuril Islands have long been renowned for medicinal waters, but to get to them while they can "only the most motivated tourists. And if neighboring Kurils Japanese Hokkaido (as well as in the Aleutian Islands United States, bordering the neighboring Kurils Kamchatka Krai. —A. B.) Balneologic and seaside resorts and the possibility — perhaps the main tourist "bait", Iturup and Kuril Islands in general this area, along with the proper infrastructure is not developed. And in vain. "

Meanwhile, plans for development adjacent to the Kurils districts actively implemented in the United States (referred to the Aleutian Islands) and South Korea (Jeju Island, Dokdo, Ulleungdo), and in Japan (adjacent to the west of the island of Hokkaido Island Rebun, Risiri, Okushiri) .


These countries intend to strengthen their own position in the remote areas. Russia should not be an exception here.


Absolutely right Doctor of Social Sciences, Igor Romanov, when he says: "The best answer to the infamous" Kuril issue "- it’s active exploration of Russian Kuril Islands."


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