Kuril gunners TSB conducted live firing of MLRS


The idea I have news checkpoint, but there is one "but": for the first time in several years, if not decades, in the firing of MLRS artillery train Kuril! This means that on the easternmost tip of the Russian army comes to life faster. And just around the corner, I think the supply is there an updated version of the Cyclone — Tornado-S. And our expensive Japanese neighbors now have a reason to reflect on their behavior with respect to claims for our South Kurillo.

The soldiers machine-gun and artillery division deployed on the Kuril Islands, held at the Kapustin Yar (Astrakhan region). Firings of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) "Twister."
 The main purpose of fire training was to improve the practical skills of the gunners on loading launchers, rockets and combat the use of MLRS.

Long-range multiple rocket launcher (MRL) "Tornado" is intended to engage in the distant outskirts of any group of enemy targets, vulnerable elements of which are open and sheltered manpower, soft-skinned, lightly armored and infantry armored vehicles and tank companies, artillery units, tactical missiles, anti-aircraft complexes and helicopters parked, destroying command posts, communications centers and the military-industrial structure ..

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