Kuril Islands: Igor Farkhutdinov moored to a new pier on Iturup

Trial set passenger ship "Igor Farkhutdinov" in the Whale Bay and its mooring to the new pier on the island of Iturup passed April 20, 2013.

Construction of berthing facilities, begun in 2007 as part of the socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands, is not finished yet. Letting the most important object for the islanders was scheduled for 2014. But thanks to advancing the pace of work and the coordinated action of the representatives of general contractor and subcontractors have the opportunity to realize the plans on entering the pier in operation by the end of this year.

So far Iturup was the only island in the Kuril Islands, where the processing of passenger and cargo ships carried out on the roads with the help of tugs. This significantly prolongs the processing and delivery of goods and, in addition, has created considerable difficulties and even wore a danger to passengers.

  According to the captain, "Igor Farkhutdinova" I.Chebotaeva and the head of the port terminal, "Kuril" D.Prazdnikova, mooring operation was successful, although the passengers of this flight shot is still the old fashioned way, on the pontoon. Representatives of JSC "Marine company" Sakhalin-Kuril Islands ", JSC" Gidrostroy "Port Control and discussed all the details of further work.

Construction of a deep pier in the Bay Whale. Iturup

After all, have yet to equip adjacent to the pier area: asphalt pad, mount the support of electric lighting, prepare and approve the appropriate documentation.
But, clearly, the islanders have long to endure the inconvenience of using fragile, misfit boats on the way from the shore to the ship and back.

According to the head of the agency for the development of the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin investment programs S.Ababkov, this year on the line Sakhalin-Kurils will be sent to ferry "Sakhalin-7." After all, a ship engaged on a voyage in a week, it is not enough. Here and Now "Igor Farkhutdinov" could not take the return trip all comers, Sakh.com news agency reported quoting the website CTUU Rosrybolovstva.

City kurilsk. Iturup

City kurilsk. Iturup

Reidovo village situated on the Bay of Plenty, 14 km east-northeast of Kurilsk.

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