I decided to write this article in honor of the two events:

— 69th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk

— 40th anniversary of the Kursk electric vehicles.
All my pictures, October 2010.
Map of the Battle of Kursk in the waiting room w / station. Defender of the Fatherland.


F / train station. Reminiscent of Chernigov. 

DK Children’s Park


composer Prokofiev KSMU

KSMU Lenin 



Nashenskie catering! 


Walk on Lenin


Pushkin heroes of yore


Hotel "Kursk" composer GV Sviridov


The old and the new monument apple




The Regional Administration and VCSEL



Monuments to the heroes of antiquity and modernity







Museum of the Battle of Kursk


About museum


Kursk cats


Elevated transition



Museum of the Cathedral


VCSELs, the administration, the tube …



Hotel and Business Centre Monument to the Fallen in Afghanistan






Nashenskie catering!


                                                                 Museum of Archaeology


The Church and the FED Kurskelektrotransport



Something new Soviet rarity


All other photos, see the link

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