Kursk built village on the 50,000 residents

Urban village is being built near the village of Tatarenkova Kursk region. Already built 50 houses.

Construction of the plant is Kursk panel construction ( JSC "Kursk plant efficiency" ).    

It is planned to build up to 2020 1.3 million square meters. meters of housing. According to the developer, the price of 1 sq. km. meter of housing in the village will not exceed 30 thousand rubles, today it is one of the lowest in the Central Federal District of Russia in general.  

In a new development being built as a two-storey houses with garden plots on 15 acres and more than 200-250 m. meters of housing and multi-storey panel and solid houses, and even four-storey building of economy class for privileged categories of citizens.   

It will be built all the necessary infrastructure: 4 secondary schools, 9 kindergartens, a major shopping and entertainment center, market, home arts, FLC and the Orthodox church, which will begin to build in the current year.  

Kursk plant efficiency continues to modernize and increase production capacity, currently works as a full-fledged factory building complex. The team of 2,225 people working.  




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