Kursk region — events this week

This week, in the Kursk region was opened several new social facilities, so I decided to gather all in one message.

I’ll start with three kindergartens in Schigry (November 29), Kursk (December 1) and s. Big Soldier (December 2). The gardens are made on a project, each designed for 140 students and cost about 85 million rubles. In photos — the opening of a kindergarten in the city of Kursk:
Photo source:kurskweb.ru

Photo source:kurskweb.ru

Photo source:kurskweb.ru

Photo source:kurskweb.ru

This week, the opening of the cultural and sports complex in Tim. The complex has a universal gym with stands for 290 seats, meeting rooms for judo, table tennis, billiard room, fitness center, as well as support facilities: locker rooms, showers, doctor’s office, etc. Photos with the construction of the complex you can see here: http:/ / www.sdelanounas.ru/photos/246/

In conclusion, mention the opening of obstetric points in No. Chernitsyna. This item allows you to provide primary medical care. The cost of construction amounted to about 12.5 million rubles.

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