Kurskhimvolokno has opened a new production

The plant "Man-made fiber" is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The main gift was the opening of a new ultra-modern plant for production of the thread, which will be supplied to major factories in Russia and abroad.

New equipment manufactures in modern European technology thread with the strength characteristics of a 1.3-fold higher than produced by operating equipment, the winding speed increased by 5.7 times, the weight of packaging — 3.2 times.

The performance of the equipment exceeds the current is also more than 5 times. It is particularly important that the products are in demand both in the domestic market (the Far East, Tatarstan, Leningrad, Novgorod, Murmansk region, etc.), as well as abroad. In particular, negotiations on deliveries to Italy. The new site will soon have to add two more cars, supply contracts have been signed.

Video from the opening: http://adm.rkursk.ru/inde…8% EC% E2% EE% EB% EE% EA% ED% EE

The goal of the Kursk chemists quite ambitious — to conquer the market of cord tissue. Also significant is the fact that the new production — it’s 50 new jobs, and the high-tech fields.

In his congratulatory speech at the solemn meeting Governor Alexander Mikhailov said that the years of economic reforms have been very difficult for the company. As a result of the privatization of the management came not effective owners, most of the production has been stopped, the property sold for debts. The regional administration has made great efforts to preserve the enterprise in bankruptcy. This assistance in the restructuring of debts for heat energy, mandatory payments, allowing prevent production stoppages and gradually pay wages. Simultaneously resolved questions for a change of ownership and the search for a new investor.

With the acquisition of the plant in 2007, a joint stock company "KuibyshevAzot" the situation has changed. In 2008, an agreement was signed on cooperation between the administration and the owner. During this time, the rehabilitation and modernization of production invested about 300 million rubles, production volumes increased by 3 times. In 2009, the figure exceeded 1 billion rubles, more than 20% increase in the number of employees has doubled the average wage and tax payments to budgets of all levels.

Steadily working mill in the current year. The new production will expand both Russian and international sales market. This investment project — the first step in the development of innovative technologies in the production of high-strength nylon industrial yarn. Operation of the new equipment will increase the volume of commodity production enterprises by 25%, will give a new impetus to the development of cooperative ties.

Especially the Governor noted the high social responsibilities of the owner of the enterprise — "KuibyshevAzot" and its leader Victor Gerasimenko. Established relationships with the company’s management of the administration — a good example of mutually beneficial cooperation between business and government.

We appreciate the fact — said Alexander Mikhailov — that the company is actively and consistently carried out not only sound economic policy, but also a lot of attention is paid to social issues, implementing specific plans for training, improvement of working conditions. Thought-out and balanced social policy is largely motivated team members to work with the greatest impact, helps to perpetuate the frame, the training of employees in the sense of patriotism and pride in their business.

The head of the region wished to labor collective "Kurskhimvolokno" not to take entrenched positions and success in all your endeavors, and presented the best employees provincial award — the honor and gratitude, a memorial "For Fatherland and Proceedings."

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