Kuzbass industrial park opened ecological housing


In the Kuzbass Technology Park opened a new building, "Ecology and nature." Residents by providing a platform for the introduction of environmentally sound development in the region’s economy

Several companies and developers have already settled in the new housing area of three thousand square meters and set to work, reported in the Kemerovo region.

It is a laboratory of cardiovascular implants JSC "NeoCor", "Mountain tot" — according to the authorities, the leader of the Russian market development and manufacture of various devices of the safety of underground mining — "Kemerovo plant polymer products", who managed to find a solution to the acute area the problem of utilization and processing of polymer and polypropylene waste into plastic packaging, paving tiles, household goods, as well as "sorbents Kuzbass", which is produced from waste coal products used in dozens of industries.

 "Industrial Kuzbass is especially important to introduce new technologies that will help save the environment. This will take the residents and the technology park. On how skillfully we will solve this problem, the conversion depends on the success of the economy. Therefore focus on" green "technology innovation that will in the near future to achieve the most significant and important results for the region, the real breakthroughs ", — Said at the opening ceremony of the Vice-Governor Valentin MAZIKIN.

Kuzbass Technopark has been working for six years, it was created with the support of the Russian government for the development of the region’s innovative industries. Over the years, the community of experts approved 89 innovative projects in various industrial branches. As a result, 32 companies received the resident status of the technology park. Currently under construction and designed two laboratory-production buildings, exhibition center and a technology transfer center.

See report Kemerovo channel "My City":

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