Kuznetsov roused

Samara aircraft engine company, "Kuznetsov" plans in 2014 to resume production of NK-32 engines for aircraft of strategic aviation. Judging by the statements of the Russian military in the next 15 years, "Kuznetsov" will produce dozens of engines for the Russian long-range bombers.

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NC-32 — three-shaft turbojet engine with a common afterburner. It is used for strategic bombers, bombers Tu-160, and is mounted on a supersonic "flying laboratory" Tu-144LL. The engine was developed in the 70s of the last century in the famous in the Soviet era Samara Scientific-Technical Complex (SNTK) im.Kuznetsova. Since 1983, he began mass-produced here in Samara, on plant them. Frunze (later — "Motorostroitel"). A year later, the gates of shops Kazan Aviation Plant (now Kazan Aircraft Production Association im.Gorbunova — CAPO), Samara puffing engines, rolled out the first production of the Tu-160, which to this day is considered the largest in the history of military aviation aircraft and supersonic aircraft variable-geometry wings, the most powerful and heavy combat aircraft in the world, which has the largest among the bombers maximum take-off weight and combat load. In short, the "White Swan" (NATO countries, however, for the power and invulnerability he is called Black Jack (Black Jack).

However, in 1992 the production of the Tu-160 in Russia has been discontinued, although in the next 16 years CAPO managed to finish the war and pass 4 more cars. The last of them, named "Vitaly Kopylov" (in honor of the former director of the Kazan aviation plant) was transferred to the Air Force April 29, 2008. Enterprises also Samara engine-bush, deprived of state order not only to SC-32, but also other defense products, led by the "red directors" and former test pilots, had fallen the verge of bankruptcy. In 2008, they were consolidated OPK "Oboronprom" and entered into the state, "United Engine Corporation ‘(APC).

A year ago SNTK im.Kuznetsova and "Motorostroitel" were restructured and merged into one company, which got the name "Smith". After that, apparently, and began preparations for the resumption of normal production of NK-32. Now Samara Engine Plant is part of a new set of production equipment and continued purchase of additional machines. This year alone, the modernization of the factory infrastructure, "Kuznetsov" plans to spend 1.7 billion rubles of equity and debt. Processed and engine technology for the Tu-160 — the new version provides for the use of digital technology and CAD CALM, although the cardinal modernization of the engine is not planned. At the same time, together with the specialists of the Samara State Aerospace University, "Kuznetsov" has started to develop a uniform basic gas generator for the entire line of "Kuznetsov" engines that will be used in the next decade, in large projects. This is, first and foremost, the engine NK-65 for "air truck" An-124-100 "Ruslan", with production at Ulyanovsk "Aviastar-SP" is scheduled to resume in five years, NK-361, which is being tested in the Railways on the first domestic gas turbine (locomotive that runs on compressed natural gas) and gas turbines for "Gazprom".

The development of the basic gas generator requires about 432 million rubles. Within three years from the federal budget will allocate 216 million rubles. The second half of the funds should be invested enterprise itself. Last year, the unified basic gas generator from the treasury of the state has been allocated 47 million rubles. His demonstration model must be created before the end of this year, and next year it is planned to start its development testing.

At the same time, there is a problem that can complicate the process of restoring normal production of NK-32. "In order to make this project started we need to not only recover the lost technology at the workplace, but also to help in the allied enterprises that will supply parts for the product — in the process of creating a cycle of the engine during the Soviet era were involved in more than half a dozen enterprises, including those in Kharkiv and Baku. Therefore to begin mass production of engines decided not by the total recovery of production solely on the court, "Kuznetsov", and using the best capabilities of enterprises DCS and other branch factories, including those with whom you are negotiating — "MPO. Rumyantsev, "" GMZ "Agate", "MSW" Banner "," Aeroelektromash "," Temp "," Corporation "VSMPO", "Plant Elecon" and others. There are companies that are at the expense of export orders, have managed to modernize its production, bringing it to a more-or-less modern technological level. And it is necessary to use as part of the project "- said" expert online per "Head of Public Relations," Kuznetsov "Anastasia Denisova. However, representatives of the Russian air force has recently reaffirmed that they intend to bring the 2025-2030 year, the grouping of the Tu-160 and 30 submarines (currently, according to unconfirmed reports, it has 16-18 cars). At each bomber are four NK-32. Therefore, ODC, "Kuznetsov" and its subcontractors will not only give a start, but the strain.

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