Kuznetsovsky tunnel (Far Eastern Railway) has allowed to increase the carriage of goods by 21.4%

According to the Far Eastern Regional Directorate of motion control, the volume of cargo handling in the port of Busan in the first half of 2013 amounted to 11.3 million tons, up 2 million tonnes more than last year.

The increase was due to the implementation in 2008-2012, reconstruction project Oune-Highland area with the construction of a new Kuznetsov Tunnel. With the commissioning of a new tunnel was possible to increase the weight norm even freight trains (to the east) to 5600 tonnes. The estimated carrying capacity of the plot is 29.7 million tons.

After the reception in the middle of December 2012 the continuous operation of the new site, the railroad has developed a special system of passing of trains. In the even direction, a new path Highland — Muli — New Kuznetsovsky — Oune a length of 25.7 km, 11.4 km less than the old railway station, is the movement of heavy loaded trains and passenger train number 352 message Vladivostok -Sovetskaya Gavan. In the back of the train number 351, and the odd freight trains, mainly the lungs empty compounds are passed through the old route Highland — Solly — Kuznetsovsky — Kosgrambo — Oune (through the old tunnel). The same way, according to established technology, by push back locomotives.

The commissioning of a new tunnel technology has changed significantly. Now, in order to overcome the pass Kuznetsovsky no need to divide the freight trains, reducing their weight. Because of this timing of shipments was reduced almost to the day (the due date of delivery route with coal in this area is 12 days, the actual execution — 11.2 days). In addition, a new, more gentle and direct way possible to reduce the number of locomotives pushing 3TE10 from three to one. The released locomotives were sent to work in other parts of highway.


Recall Kuznetsov Tunnel — old and new — are located in the Khabarovsk region, cross the ridge of the Sikhote-Alin. Single-track tunnels. The length of the old is 413 m, the length of the new — 3.89 km. The first tunnel was built in 1945 and was named in honor of the chief of prospecting party Arseny Petrovich Kuznetsov, who died during the construction, and was buried next to the tunnel.

With the construction of a new tunnel have been applied the latest technology. For example, for tunneling and tunnels used by the main tunnel Tunnel complex laser systems control the alignment.

Availability of transportation and drainage adit possible to eliminate a strong flow in the main tunnel drainage and surface water, collecting all the water volume in the overall drainage system.

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