Kuzovlevsky tract outside Tomsk opened after renovation

Today, under the Tomsk was officially opened to the passage of transport Kuzovlevsky tract.

"After the repair, complicated by weather conditions on the roadway marked centerline markings and open to traffic. The road taken by specialists traffic police, "- said the press service of the City Hall.

Patching of the roadway made by two methods: classical and jet. During the repair was backfilled pribordyurnaya part restored fencing per meter extended shoulder adjacent to the road area wakes up asphalt and concrete crumbs.

"Those comments to the quality of repairs, which are at the Department of Urban Development, the contractor will be eliminated at the beginning of next week," — said the acting Head of the Department of Urban Alexander Zhivoglyadov.

For work performed contracting firm offers two-year warranty. The length of the repaired road is 6120 meters.

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