Labinsk district of Krasnodar region hosted the Agro-Auction

Labinsk area hosted the Agro-Auction agricultural machinery and equipment in the outdoor exhibition area, LLC "Bearing Expo" was held in the village of Voronezh Agro-third auction of farm machinery and equipment. This year it was opened by Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Krasnodar Territory Sergey Garkusha.

The minister also held a meeting with the chief engineer of agriculture municipalities of the region, agricultural, regional inspectors inspections "Gostehnadzora", which discussed the tasks for further modernization of the agricultural holding and harvesting industrial crops, corn for grain and rice.

The Minister, accompanied by the head of the Ust-Labinsk District Anatoly Voronovskiy about the presentation of the auction technique.

"Today’s Agro-auction is an important platform to showcase the achievements of agricultural machinery, both for Kuban and other subjects of the Russian Federation. Agro-auction also facilitates contacts between farmers and enterprises ", — said the head of the agricultural department of the Kuban.

In the past year, was put up for auction 83 lots for a total amount of 125 million rubles. The auction attracted more than 200 representatives of agricultural enterprises. In 2013, participants in the agro-auction was more, and lots conversely less — only 50. The results of agro-auction showed that the interest in him from the farmers growing. The rules of participation in the auction are simple. The seller may offer for sale a new or second-hand agricultural machinery, and the buyer — to get the best price on the basis of auction. The buyer can view and select agricultural machinery. In addition — this is an additional opportunity to network with like-minded people to share their achievements and just get advice or recommendation.

"Today, buy modern equipment is vital. Without it, we will not achieve good results, — Sergey Garkusha, opening a workshop with top engineers Ivestock, agribusiness, district inspectors Gostehnadzora. — Some farms have already started harvesting corn for silage, in terms of 1.5 million tons have already been scored in a trench about 50 tons. And this work must take place in the shortest possible time. It is time to start harvesting of sugar beet and rice, along with the start and harvesting of sunflower and corn for grain. Spend the considerable range of work quality in the shortest time possible without a high level of technical equipment, as well as modern technology is almost impossible. "

Over the past three years in the Krasnodar Territory purchased 15 thousand pieces of equipment in the amount of 20 billion rubles, including about 6 thousand tractors, 1,300 combine harvesters and 350. Energy supply of 100 hectares of cultivated area has grown over the years to 31 hp and amounted to 187 hp The specialists Ivestock, agro task energobespechennost increase to 200 hp

Through the application of multi-functional, energy-saving appliances farms agribusiness managed to edge over three years to reduce the average fuel consumption per 1 hectare of arable land in the field work from 74 to 69 kg, which is particularly important at the present prices of fuel. After all, reducing fuel consumption by only 1 kg brings in the whole agricultural economy in the region of 120 million rubles. For the money you can buy at least 15 modern combine harvesters or tractors 30-40 high.

In general, the level of technical updates in the Krasnodar region in recent years, allows you to maintain the main periods of field work on the technical readiness level of 97-99%.

Today, farmers Krasnodar region can acquire them by two federal programs. Also under development is a program of modernization of technology, involves the payment of subsidies to agricultural producers for the purchase of domestic and import vehicles.


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