Laboratory ANVI ranked sixth of the market combined cough and cold drug

Pharmaceutical company "Laboratory ANVI" (JSC "NPO" Antiviral ") among the three market leaders in integrated cough medicines, ranking, according to expert estimates, 14% of the market for the first 4 months of cough and cold season 2010-2011. The company‘s plans for 2 years to increase its market share to 20%.

Laboratory ANVI became the first domestic company that has been able to press on the market, prevents multinationals. Over the past 20 years, two thirds of Russian market of cough and cold combination preparations shared between the Swiss company «Novartis Consumer Health» (TM "Theraflu"), the British «GlaxoSmithKline» (TM «Koldreks"), an American «Bristol Myers Squibb» (TM « Fervex ").

Since the beginning of the season Cough "Laboratory ANVI" holds high growth in sales its products. During the first three months of cough and cold season, the company increased shipments to distributors by 260% compared to the same period of 2009/2010 season. At the end of October 2010, the Laboratory ANVI was voted the most actively growing among the Top 100 companies in the pharmaceutical market.

According to the research report «Infarmacia», Laboratory ANVI develops almost twice as active competitors. Thus, the growth of secondary sales of products by 34%, the highest figure in the growth of the TOP-10 selling brands in the Russian-pocket pharma market has not exceeded 18%.

Shipments of core brand of the company — the drug "Antigrippin Maximum" on the basis of incomplete four months of the season have already surpassed sales of the 2009-2010 season. According to DSM Group, Antigrippin Maximum ranks 35th in the Top-100 best-selling drugs.

"Enter into the top three was our goal at least at the beginning of the season. — Said General Director of JSC "NPO" Antiviral "Michael Gorbuntsov. — Data on the growth of the market is largely in line with our own forecasts. Outperform the market allows us to focus on the strategic formation of its stake in a particular segment of the market and the unique composition of the preparation of the title "Antigrippin Maximum." When launching the product in 2005, we were able to create the first in the Russian market combined cough medicine, combining symptomatic and antiviral effect. "

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