Laboratory for new methods of chemistry to biomedicine opened in MIPT

Creates a program of the Government of the Russian Federation on megagrantam research laboratory in the field of modern methods of chemical catalysis applied to the study of biological objects, opened on 8 OctoberMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

The project to create MIPT in this laboratory was one of the winners of the competition for the third megagrantov Cabinet of the Russian Federation for state support of research conducted under the guidance of leading scientists in the Russian educational and research institutions. Laboratory headed by one of the world’s leading chemists, a native of Russia, Professor, Scripps (USA), Valery Fokin. 

The basis of chemical methods that will be used in the laboratory, are reactions "click chemistry", which allows very fast, as if "the click" to synthesize new materials with little or no formation of by-products. The methods of this chemistry is used, in particular, the creation of new drugs. Fokin is considered one of the founders of "click chemistry". According to the forecast of the company, "Thomson Reuters", Fokin can receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013.

Muraveva Marina (STRF):

I have not seen such a rush of TV interest to the scientist. Valery Fokin, According to the International Agency Thompson Reuters, one of the possible candidates for the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry in 2013. They will be announced today, October 9. And on the eve of the grand opening of MIPT laboratory Valery Fokin, where he tried to get journalists to interview.

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Valery Fokin spends his famous response

The big question: what do you feel before the announcement of the winners, how do you assess your chances?

"I’m not worried — admitted Valery Fokin, who rated Thompson Reuters is among the ten most influential chemists of the world, his h-index 49, more than 16,000 citations. — I do not want to give so much importance to expectations. Rating Thompson Reuters I think an objective, it is based on a serious analysis, which provides an understanding of the importance of the scientist’s work and how it is used in related fields. But this does not mean that the work or that scientist to win the Nobel Prize. Although statistics show that the agency is not always wrong. I’m not going to dissemble — it is very nice that your results will be noticed. But the Nobel Prize — not the only way to get satisfaction from their science. "

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  • Valeriy_Fokin

Valery Fokin: "The Nobel Prize — not the only way to get satisfaction from their science"

According to Valery Fokin, Europe and the United States such a great interest in the agency forecasts were not. Their candidates for the winners, he did not call, "Chemistry is so rapidly. This is not a situation where we are dealing with something well-established, mature. Prize for discoveries can give in a variety of areas — energy, materials science, for his work on the interface of chemistry and biology, and medicine. "

Sam Valery Fokin became known in the scientific world for his research in a click-chemistry — the chemistry of fast reactions. "This so-called molecular builder, with which you can collect the desired molecular architecture — said the scientist. — The contribution of our group is to open the reaction azide-alkyne cycloaddition using copper catalysis. It is now widely used in various fields of science — physics, biology, medicine, and materials science. "

Application of this reaction a lot. For example, tracking the synthesis of proteins or nucleic acids in living mammalian cells, human cultures. In materials science, it is used in the synthesis of new materials with desired properties. Another of the most developing areas — pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Has created several products that are on 2 and phase 3 clinical trials. In particular, one antibiotic and biologicals.

Research in these areas will continue in the new laboratory, chemical synthesis and catalysis MIPT. She opened with the support of megagrantov (220th decree of the Government). Under the terms of the project, the scientist must be carried out in a Russian laboratory for at least 4 months of the year. Principal place of work — The Scripps Research Institute (California).

Lead laboratory in Russia, he agreed, when at a meeting saw the "glowing eyes of students who are full of enthusiasm and desire to learn new things, to dare, to try and not be afraid to do something." It is important to bring in the new laboratory as many young people.

"If we can create the three years in the MIPT functioning chemical laboratory, which will be independent from the previous one scientist who headed it — it will be a great achievement — said Valery Fokin. — As for scientific purposes, they are in the development of new methods for the synthesis of chemical compounds. "

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Tube and champagne — for a successful lab work

The study of living systems at the molecular, cellular and organismal level is necessary for understanding the origin and progression of the disease. And in the end — to find effective drugs.

Why is there a chemical laboratory in the Institute of Physics and Technology?

"Modern medicine — an extremely complex science — tried to explain to the dean of the Faculty of Biological and Medical Physics, MIPT Alexander Melerzanov. — In order to make some breakthroughs in the treatment of people who want to combine physicists, chemists, mathematicians, etc. Our students who receive education at the intersection of science, will be able to make discoveries in medicine, perhaps, the world scale. "…p; d_no = 64083 #. UlcIy1NbxbI 

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