Laboratory LED assembly opened in Tomsk university (TUCSR)

Technology Laboratory opened in the assembly of LEDs Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUCSR), reported in the press service of the university.

Lab created under the RF Government Decree № 218 "Development of highly efficient and reliable solid-state light sources and lighting devices, and the organization of their production".

"We now stand on the verge of discovering a whole industry of a new class of light sources. In Tomsk, plans to build a plant for the production of LEDs and lighting products, one of three in Russia. These plants will provide the country completely reliable and affordable LED lights. Opening Laboratory in TUSUR is one of the the most important steps in creating a technology of LEDs ", — cited in the report Vice-Rector of the University of Alexander Shelupanova.

It was reported earlier that the JSC "Russian electronics" plans in 2012 to begin construction of a factory of LED lights in the full cycle of the Tomsk special economic zone worth 6.5 billion rubles.

According to the press service of the TUSUR, the main task of the laboratory — the development and improvement of technology mass production of LEDs.

"For as long as the plant is built and ready to run … we have to … test and, ultimately, to approve the technological modes of production of LEDs. Essentially, our laboratory is dependent on how quickly the plant will start to produce quality products. If everything goes according to schedule, then buy the equipment, the plant will not waste time practicing the process, but simply set up machines for parameters that will provide our laboratory, and will begin to work ", — TUSUR explained in a statement.

It also reported that a new laboratory plan to conduct research to improve the technology of manufacturing materials, structures LEDs, working to reduce the cost of LEDs through the introduction of the domestic production of materials. In particular, in the near future will test a ceramic package, developed and manufactured under the technical project Tomic Novosibirsk means of an electrical plant.

Total area of the laboratory is 120 square meters, the value of its equipment — more than 43 million rubles.

Picture story so far failed to find the site TUSUR, unfortunately, lies.

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