Laboratory of military robots will create a near Vladimir

Laboratory, which will build the combat robotics, will be deployed in the city Kavrov (Vladimir region) based on the Degtyarev plant, possibly with the participation of other companies, said on Tuesday the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

On Monday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu acknowledged that developed for the Defense Ministry unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based robotic systems and unmanned underwater devices are inferior to foreign analogues.

"This decision was discussed and the members of the Military-Industrial Commission, and representatives of the Ministry of Defense, and Trade Ministry. All agreed. Following the visit in the carpet and I state will release the order to establish a laboratory for fighting robots," — said Rogozin.

Rogozin added that the idea is likely to be implemented by the Degtyarev in cooperation with other companies. But the base platform and the basis of the laboratory will be the Kovrovskoe company.

"The company’s management expects the support and cooperation with the Military-Industrial Commission and the Government of the Russian Federation on the establishment of laboratories for military robot that will be deployed in the carpeted. That is, the federal laboratory, where we will send the whole ideology of design ideas on the establishment of robotics battlefield "- said the deputy chairman of the Russian government.

According to him, the project will be implemented through public-private partnerships and carry serious risks. However, if the risk will lead to the creation of qualitatively new types of combat robots for the armed forces, so this risk is justified, said Deputy Prime Minister. "On the basis of the production base of the plant Degtyarev to experiment, create prototypes, test them, and in the case of passing the state tests to send to the troops," — said Rogozin.

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