Lada brand valued at $ 1 billion

 Denis MANTUROV, head of Industry and Trade Ministry said that the brand Lada is estimated no less than a billion dollars, and after the appearance of the new shareholders of AvtoVAZ necessarily remain

In an interview with TV channel "Russia 24" MANTUROV confirmed that the Lada brand is sure to be saved, and AvtoVAZ will improve the quality of products. He also noted that with the arrival of new shareholders plant will launch a new range and will be able to actively share experiences. For example, the chassis is designed by AvtoVAZ, has already attracted the attention of Nissan, are going to design your car budget level.

December 12 Corporation "Rostekhnadzor" and the alliance of French and Japanese Renault-Nissan, the main shareholders of AvtoVAZ, agreed to set up to control the production of automobiles joint venture, which owns all the shares owned by these companies. By June 2014 Renault will own 50.1% of the shares, Nissan — 17,03% and the share of "Russian Technologies" is 32.87%. By 2014, the joint venture was to buy all the VAZ-native shares from Troika Dialog Investments Limited — 20,14%.

To date AvtoVAZ shares are distributed as follows: "Rostekhnadzor" have a 28.89% stake, Troika Dialog Investments Limited — 20,14%., Renault — 25%. OAO AvtoVAZ is currently the largest in Eastern Europe and the Russian automaker, which is carried out serial production models such as the Lada Largus, Lada Kalina, Lada Granta, Lada Priora, Lada 4×4, Lada Samara, Lada-21074. Production capacity can produce annually up to 800,000 vehicles.

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