Lada Granta comes forward

AvtoVAZ took nine months to Lada Granta has become the best selling car in Russia. The plant could have done it in the past: the demand for the model greatly exceeded supply, which was limited production capacity. However, further increase the volume of production "Grants" plant will be more difficult.

In September Lada Granta bought 14,050 people, it has become the best selling model in Russia. Another 1374 AvtoVAZ Lada Granta sent for export. Compared with August sales of Lada Granta on the Russian market increased by 12.3%.

Serial production of Lada Granta was launched in late November 2011, and sales — in December of the same year. AvtoVAZ was originally planned that the highest sales will be owned Lada Granta. However, he went to this for a long time. Exit at these monthly sales of plant could before. For comparison: Solaris, sales of which started in Russia in February 2011, in April of the same year became the most popular foreign car.

This year’s market leadership and shared poperemennoLadaKalina LadaPriora. In January LadaGrantadazhe not entered the top twenty best selling models in Russia in the ranking of AEB, it bought a total of about 2,000 people. However, every month a new model gained momentum.

Already in February 5618 were sold Lada Granta, the model has risen to 13th place. In April, she has jumped to seventh place in the ranking. However, the front were still Lada Kalina and Priora, as well as budgetary foreign cars Hyundai Solaris, Ford Focus, Renault Logan and the Kia Rio New.

Finally, in May, has sold more than 9,700 units, Granta allowed to move immediately to fifth place in the ranking of the best-selling models. In the first two months of the summer sales remained at the same level, but in August, has sold more than 12 thousand And then, finally, in September, Lada Granta could go on sale in 14 thousand.

It used to reach such prodazhiGrantapomeshal supply shortage. "LadaGrantane was previously best-selling model in Russia only because AvtoVAZ is only now released to the required output. Previously, the demand far exceeded the supply capacity of the plant in terms of production were limited. Now increased production, so have to sell more, "- explains the newspaper VIEW expert" Avtostat "Sergei remove.

In particular, AvtoVAZ was able to start proizvodstvoLadaGrantana Izhevsk plant earlier than planned — at the end of July, but not in August. Before the year is planned to collect 27 thousand of these models (half of the volume of the production plant in Izhevsk).

AvtoVAZ planned to release 140 thousand Lada Granta in 2012 at its plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk. Based on these plans, the monthly AvtoVAZ could sell for 11-12 thousand. However, for the nine months was only sold about 81 thousand cars because of capacity constraints.

Technically put a new model on another, and a new pipeline — not an easy task that takes several months. On top at the start of serial production of a nasty crash occurred. In January this year during a test drive Granta Auto Show in St. Petersburg "Intey" the model refused controller of the electronic engine management system. Suppliers device manufacturer conducted an investigation.

Uncovered the lack of integrity in the area of the bulkhead exit the harness that was the cause of failure. The factory decided to use an additional strap on the harness on all cars Granta. But by the time of detection of the problem of the cars have already been shipped to dealers, they had to withdraw from prodazhi.V result AvtoVAZ in February reduces the planned release of Lada Granta by half — to 7.5 million in the enterprise is associated with the decision to introduce double-check the quality of the new car because of quality problems and component suppliers.

With further increase in production prodazhiGrantaprodolzhat grow, says removed, but the increase in the sales model does not forecast twice.

"One model can not in such large volumes sold. To increase overall sales, AvtoVAZ need to expand the lineup. The more different models, and made on the same platform, the greater the sale of the business as a whole and less cost, "- said the expert. That is Granta may take 15-16 thousand per month in overall sales of AvtoVAZ, but hardly 30 thousand

Besides AvtoVAZ faced with quite expected competition within the model range. "Falling sales sedanaLadaKalina that zamenilaLada Granta. Soon poyavitsyaGrantas station wagon, which also chip away part of sales universalaKalina. However, AvtoVAZ expect such a change "- indicates Sergei remove.

Output in September at the highest possible prodazhiLadaGranta AvtoVAZ as a whole to achieve decent and overall sales of 51 million units.

Last year the plant every month to sell 50 thousand But, for example, in January, AvtoVAZ has sold only 30 thousand models of Lada. This year, the total sales of the plant showed a negative trend in 2011, and amid growing passenger car market as a whole. The Russian market for the first nine months increased by 14%, while sales of AvtoVAZ fell by almost 10%. As a result, the weak against the prodazhiLadaGranta complete recycling program and closing production of "classic" models have led to the fact that the gross profit decreased by 12.1% to $ 9.4 billion (first half). During this period, sales of the model simply does not reach the targets.

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