Lada Granta goes to the generator from Bosch

 The following year, LADA Granta get new generators. The main supplier of these products to AvtoVAZ — "Plant them. Tarasova "(TWI) — in 2013 will reduce the amount of supply generators to 10,000 pieces per month. The reduction in supply will occur at the initiative of AvtoVAZ.

In accordance with the program of development of the Togliatti plant to 2020, AvtoVAZ plans in conjunction with Bosch to develop new components that are responsible for the safety, environmental friendliness and safety of vehicles.

Since the beginning of 2013 AvtoVAZ plans to gradually reduce the procurement of generators for Lada Granta on the TWI. Reportedly, the monthly TWI for LADA Granta supplied generators worth about 130 million rubles. The annual amount of the contract was 1.5 billion rubles. After the reduction of the supply-year contract will be up to 450 million rubles.

 TWI for the current situation out of it will increase its presence in the secondary market of spare parts for cars LADA, including LADA Granta. However, in this market, experts say, the competition is much higher than in the procurement pipeline for AvtoVAZ.

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