LADA Granta has become a pick-up truck

A subsidiary of AvtoVAZ — "PSA VIS-AUTO" — presented a new model of a pickup truck that was created based on the popular "state» LADA Granta.

The premiere was held at the new items Autoparade, organized by the newspaper "AvtoSreda" the Day of the city of Togliatti. Pickup LADA Granta has increased up to 720 kg load capacity, the length of the van is 2140 mms cargo capacity of 3,900 mm3.

"Building on the LADA Granta pickup combines comfort, practicality and high payload. This modern car is ideal for transportation of goods, both in the city and beyond. Various equipment: an open platform platform platform platform with a rigid superstructure, isothermal van, extended van "- told" AvtoSrede "the press service of" PSA VIS-AUTO ".

Serial production of pickup based on the LADA Granta is scheduled to begin in autumn 2012.

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