Lada Granta in foreign markets has become more popular Lada 4×4 SUV

AvtoVAZ in the I half-year 2012 to export 32,555 cars Lada — a 30.6% increase over the previous year. How to tell the agency "AUTOSTAT" in the press center of AvtoVAZ, the largest export markets for Lada cars in January-June were Kazakhstan (44%), Ukraine (27%) and Azerbaijan (16%).

In the I half of the largest share of exports accounted for AvtoVAZ Lada Samara (47,2%), Lada Priora (25,3%), Lada Granta (11,6%) and Lada 4×4 (10.8%). Thus, the new budget sedan which deliveries to foreign markets began in March of this year, has walked in the export of popular abroad Lada 4×4 SUV. "Importers of Lada cars in different countries appreciate the potential of the Lada Granta in local markets (especially in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine). Currently, the novelty comes in all the countries of the near abroad ", — told the press center of AvtoVAZ.


It should also be noted that in contrast to the Russian car market in the model structure of export leader AvtoVAZ Lada Samara. "The main foreign markets for cars Lada Samara are the neighboring countries, which account for most of the exports of cars Lada. In these states, the decisive factor for consumers when buying a car is the price and the cost of further ownership "- explains in the press center of AvtoVAZ.

In addition, the company AvtoVAZ external assembly in the I half of 2012 has put 64318 assembly kits for Lada cars and other vehicles. The largest consumers of car kits are GM-AvtoVAZ (48.8%), "IzhAuto" (24.3%) and the Ukrainian company "Bogdan" (9%). We also add that in the II half of the "IzhAvto" will begin production of marketable cars Lada Granta assembly sets of AvtoVAZ. Other new projects outside the assembly of Lada cars for 2012 are planned, the press center of AvtoVAZ.

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