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More recently, in the pages of my site Trucker Blog have been heated debates about the quality of service in showrooms selling cars LADA. Most people worried about the fact that the car with the stated minimum price by the manufacturer simply does not. I was curious state of affairs, and I went to the nearest dealer to check how well the actual state of affairs with the LADA Granta cars in the cheapest configuration.

I hasten to assure everyone has a cheap car! We can say that AvtoVAZ cope with the rush and finally, six months after the start of sales of cars filled the market at the price of 259 thousand rubles. It happened quite recently, I was assured that the cheap cars available for sale there just a couple of weeks ago. Do not think that I came there with a tape recorder and a camera at the ready. No, until recently served as the general consumer.

And to make this walk a bit of amenities in advance, before going to the dealer I signed up for a test of the new items VAZ, LADA Granta with an automatic transmission. Sales of these vehicles started at the end of September. I honestly wondered how it was possible Togliatti plant ACP Grant. After all previous attempts such operations were not successful and ended with prototypes, or extremely small batches and not having gone to the masses.

Naturally I have a question, why is the cheapest on the AvtoVAZ cars and more "machines". After ten years ago ACT considered a privilege of more expensive cars and complete sets. But time does not stand still, and the statistics of sales of such cars for some brands in Russia already has passed the point of 50%. Demand can be defined by two factors. First, rising incomes, and secondly the "machine" greatly facilitates the movement of a car in city traffic, especially in traffic.

Every time in the counter flow machines my eye stops at Grant occurs to me that the number is growing at incredible speed. Of course, the car was a success, and found a buyer. But not everything is as it would seem. Pre before going to the salon I had delved into online forums owners Grants and collided with the common problem of all owners. On vehicles of the first issue were to fail generators.

When a flood of complaints has swept all the dealerships, the WHA shall confess and are urgently seek a way out of this situation. The problem was solved cardinal way, changed the supplier, all the engines are now equipped with generators firm BOSCH. There are nice little things for which you no longer need to save, in the cabin LADA Granta finally appeared over the heads of the handle passengers.

But the most distinctive feature of the test vehicle is hidden from the eyes of the owner, it is an automatic transmission Japanese firm Jatco. For the record: Jatco units are installed on cars Suzuki, Jeep, Mitsubishi, and almost all cars Nissan. Moreover, the "Japanese" is a partner of the concern Nissan.

Here’s what I found out about the automatic transmission. This torque converter, four-stage, such ACTs are used on more expensive cars. "Automatic» Jatco — it’s Next Generation of automatic boxes, which are now used by the company for Nissan cars Nissan Micra, Nissan Note. It has established itself in the market with the best hand, our motorists it is familiar.

Efforts to introduce Grant AKP began long before the first cars appeared in dealer showrooms. First ACP is installed on cars VAZ on the conveyor in the main production. Was upgraded machine assembly and assembly and production of car body. One and a half years have been taught to drive a car, were seasonal calibration before winter and summer. The project involved experts from three companies, it’s AvtoVAZ, Renault and Austrian company AVL, which is directly involved in the calibration.

The main objective was to try to defeat the experts are two major problems that always accompany vehicles with automatic transmission. First — this is the increased flow, and the second — the deterioration of the dynamics compared to vehicles with conventional drivetrain. My opinion, which happened after the test runs, the car was a success, I must admit I was pleased.

Paired with the AKP is working on Grante 1.6 liter 16-valve engine from the Priory. In this configuration the machine are ABS + BAS, electric power steering, dual airbags, air conditioning. Price test vehicle was 373,000 rubles. In my opinion, it’s not too much money for a machine with an acceptable level of comfort.

And it is easy to compare, not so long ago, I was given a drive a couple of hundred kilometers to the brand new Suzuki SX4 c exactly the same machine and similar motor. I can say that the dynamics of Grants height, I would say that driving pleasure I received a grant to order more. The only drawback car, this is a weak engine compartment insulation. In the dispersal of "pedal to the metal" sound from the engine enters the salon and at times annoying, but it claims from the evil one.

Overall LADA Granta machine leaves a pleasant impression — both dynamic and high-torque car. Save all the family features: bullet-proof suspension dimensionless clearance and luggage ready to take away half the contents of your apartment. The grant will go down in the history of VAZ, the first car that gets an automatic transmission on the line.

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