LADA Largus TAXI: the first 20 cars ordered Perm


Car LADA Largus a version of "Taxi", presented by the Company Togliatti "Super Car" at the Moscow Motor Show, is equipped with all the requirements of state standards. On the "Largus-Taxi" has already received applications — the first 20 cars will go to the city taxi fleet Perm. On the agency "AUTOSTAT" said Natalia Minnikova, marketing director of "Super Car".

Car LADA Largus «Taxi" is in its maximum configuration — 7-seater "luxury". In addition to air conditioning and other systems of comfort and safety, the car is equipped with a whole range of special equipment: portable radio (in this case, CB radio (CBS) range, 27 MHz), which complement the magnetic antenna and auto switching voltage converter, DVR (with 2 cameras — external and internal), equipped with flash support 16GB; GPS / GLONASS navigator, taximeter and apparatus for reading credit cards. Traditional "checkered" complemented the identification mark of a "free taxi". In addition, the machine is equipped with a child seat that is attached to a regular brackets "Izofiks."

 During the work on the car dealership LADA Largus TAXI received orders from transport companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Voronezh.

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