Lada Niva: die-hard car (Der Tagesspiegel, Germany)

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I enjoy controlled by the radar system of emergency braking or massage seats? Then read no further, because this car is not for you. From these bells and whistles car Lada Niva is about as far as the American farmer who grows peanuts, from landing on the moon


In 1976, Mao Zedong died, and a man named Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) organized a company called Apple. This kind of thing, and probably called turning points. At the time, the death of the great Chinese Communist leader meant the end of the Cultural Revolution, together with the birth of Apple started another, the digital era, the strength of the impact of which was a really noticeable only after about 25 years. And at this time in the city of Togliatti, located on the Volga 1000 kilometers south-east of Moscow, with the first car rolled off the Lada Niva.

With an eventful year of his birth this model should be recognized rather unyielding rock in the stream of various tides, as with the revolutions of the car still did not have anything in common. Barely touched by socialism, and today he, like some other fatal representatives of the socialist era, continues to resist the flow of capitalism. Even the attack by the arch-enemy of the American General Motors in the 90s were not able to push the car off the market. His successor is now called the Chevrolet Niva, and even in Russia many cars of this brand in showrooms. No, the "Field" is not changed, and nothing more customers and do not.

Initial training for rural mechanic

It should say right away that this car today is a sensation. Just because it is different from the mainstream car, which it is washed on all sides. Lada car just so attractively designed that today any normal auto mechanic (no, that’s not a typo, I do mean mechanics and mechatronics is not a license to make the appropriate substitutions) may, with the relevant details to fix it in a few hours. Almost all the people who have received technical training in the former East Germany, achieved his first success mainly with cars Lada Niva.

  • Chevrolet Niva
  • Chevrolet Niva

Among them is and Jürgen Wenzel (Juergen Wenzel), accompanying us in the General German Automobile Club (ADAC) in Linthe (Linthe) during our cross country trip. "I studied agricultural machinery in the GDR, and I mastered his craft, doing cars Lada», he answered the question, how does it relate to this fossil representative of the automotive industry. While producing only models with four-cylinder engine working volume of 1.3 or 1.5 liters. He had inherited a model Lada 1500 — best known for its appearance the car from the then Soviet Union. In 1995 he was made the only big "lift" model Lada Niva. As a result, the car got a gasoline engine of 1.7 liters. Diesel car Lada Niva was equipped with only a short period of time, and then it was used for the engine of Peugeot. Whoever in the Siberian winter wants to maintain mobility, must give up a diesel engine in the east of the Urals, where the temperature is minus 25 degrees. Our diesel engines there calmly freeze.

ABS and Euro-5

During the great "face-lift" in 1995 Lada Niva car received a new dashboard, a new tachometer and a new steering column with udarnozaschitnym glass. At the same time acquired a new form of the rear end, and was lowered edge of the opening trunk. Otherwise, everything remained as before, first of all optically. Even in the course of processing Niva successfully resisted existing in the industry desire for continuous updating. The last little "lift" was made in 2010, when this model was larger lights, as well as minor changes to the front and rear suspension. Two years ago, this veteran of off-road vehicles are installed even brakes, and the engine now complies with Euro-5. However, this aggregate volume of 1.7 liters and output of 83 horsepower still can not be called modern. Two valves per cylinder should be enough, and the installed system multivpryska Bosch’s only slightly reduces fuel consumption. Usually this machine consumes 9.5 liters, and it’s still a lot.

The car Lada Niva, consistently moving against the flow of innovation, is capitalizing on its strengths and calmly accepts all this boom with SUVs. Unlike today’s plastic cars that are already on surrender lightly watered with rain country road, the car Lada Niva has something to show off-road conditions. Want some examples? Wading depth is 65 inches. Thus, it is next to the car Land Rover Defender, but a noble Briton can do this only if you are swapping the chassis. Even the Audi Q7 with air suspension can overcome a ford deep only 53 centimeters. In theory! Tipping angle of 48 degrees in general can not be represented at this fat man from the city of Ingolstadt, and the test by climbing to 58 degrees better than most SUVs do not offer.

Unbeatable in price

On the off-road route of the General German Automobile Club in Linthe Lada Niva feels like home. For workouts ADAC purchased three of these, capable of much, Russian cars. "Lada cars due to the short wheelbase and large clearance is very well suited for off-road operation," — said the coach Jurgen Wenzel. And it must be said that all these great off-road capability offered at an unbeatable price. All cars that are as well-behaved off-road conditions, including the Mercedes G-Class or Land Rover Defender, are much more expensive than the Lada Niva.

  • "AvtoVAZ" - Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ) in the city of Togliatti, Samara region
  • "AvtoVAZ" — Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ) in the city of Togliatti, Samara region

To this should be added the charm associated with simplicity. Even when landing in good shape seating understand that this equipment basic, rather than luxury. Long and thin the gear lever is directed at the driver, and under it is still switch the transfer case and center differential. The key is to be inserted in the lock to the left of the steering wheel, and thus evoke some thoughts about the models of Porsche. However, this is the only similarity between the opposing marks as cars.

Community loyal fans

Late winter 2013 awarded us the end of March again heavy snow on the test route in Linthe. Here Niva feels at ease, almost like the Russian taiga. This car sneaks through the deep ditch under the bridge, up the slope and calm overcomes the pit with water. Today we can not just go up to the mountain. Coach Jurgen Wenzel believes that it is too dangerous after the ice, which lasted several weeks. But even without this car Lada Niva demonstrated all the qualities.

In any case, last year in Germany was imported nearly 1,500 cars Lada Niva. For such exotic names like Lada, it’s a good result. In this case, the importer in Buxtehude is still 150 of these machines. However, this model has many fans, and the used car market cleaned up quite well. The man who was once Niva, this car has not parted. The Internet creates a community of fans of the cult Russian jeep. There exist numerous regional clubs. I
n addition, the model Niva has its own page on "Wikipedia", which explains each of its screw.

On the target group can get an idea by looking at the additional equipment. Here you can find things such as the protection of the rear bumper, holder for rifle or adapted for the carriage of game, tacked to the Turnbuckle. This is confirmed by Jurgen Wenzel: "In our region, this car is actively using the foresters and gamekeepers. Our customers are delighted with this car. " And for hunters acting even a special discount of 10% of the declared price. And so she is quite modest — 9990 euros. Cheaper SUV did not buy. Original publication: Der Unbeugsame

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