Lada Priora will be dual-fuel

On the Volga car wants to organize the production of cars, engines that can "eat" as gasoline and compressed gas (CNG). Previously, none of the Russian car did not let the assembly line such machines — remaking a gas made by the party or its subsidiaries automakers. The first such car should be a Lada Priora.


Work on the integration of gas equipment in the Lada Priora nearing the finale, in parallel with this Togliatti negotiate with "Gazprom". The enterprise hopes that in the near future in the country will increase the number of gas stations — the more there are, the more successful the sale will go to Gas & Priora.

"As for the dual-fuel vehicle" gas-gas "- its development is essentially over, now comes estimate payback. We are in negotiations with "Gazprom" to increase the number of filling stations for such vehicles. And if that happens — the project is going to be very successful, "- said the president of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov corporate TV channel in an interview.

The press center of the Volga car made it clear that it is a modification of Lada Priora CNG Plus. Minor design changes that took place after the car had already been validated test, we have to verify the new engine in the case. The price is too early to have noted in the company: "This matter is under consideration." The same applies to the date of commencement of production. But if a particular month Togliatti called a loss, then a year, they’ve already decided: as mentioned above, Gas & Priora will become a reality in 2012.

Interestingly enough, this is the first such project in the modern history of the domestic auto industry. Yes, we all know that most of the "Gazelle" feed gas: but their equipment never installed at the factory, this was done by "daughter" of the Nizhny Novgorod business. As for the numerous "Lada", "Samar" and "Neve" on gas, their alteration by private companies.

Production of dual-fuel vehicles have not received mass distribution even in Europe. There, mass production of such cars are occupied only in Opel and Volkswagen — although in this case we are talking about the fuel in the form of liquefied and compressed gas is not.

The initiative AvtoVAZ perfect manner consistent with the opinion of the experts: in the near future motorists waiting for the real fuel revolution, they say. The future is not for the "green technology" and electric vehicles, development and production of which became a fashion trend. Analysts believe that to change the oil era has come the era of gas.

"It seems that now the world is entering an era of methane. How will this happen? For example, in the power it is almost ubiquitous (at least in Europe), the construction of combined cycle power plants. In the Russian energy sector — the same trend, "- said in a broadcast RBC TV BP group chief economist for Russia and the CIS countries, Vladimir Drebentsov. He said: gas revolution is not in the least true of transport. Both freight and passenger.

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