Lada sale in Kazakhstan increased by 80%

Brand Lada cars are becoming more popular in the Kazakhstan market. During the year, sales of Russian AvtoVAZ cars in Kazakhstan increased by as much as 80%. In just the first seven months of this year the republic had sold more than 28,000 car brand Lada.

Most common in Kazakhstan Russian-made cars is Priora and Samara models of family. Demand for Lada in Kazakhstan started to grow significantly since 2010, and after the republic became part of the Customs Union, the pace of sales started really impressive.

Lada sale in Kazakhstan is 67.9% of the total exports of AvtoVAZ. This is caused by the fact that in some countries sale Lada drops. For example, in Ukraine, the implementation of Lada getting worse every year, due to the fact that it is not part of the Customs Union.

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