Lada sales grow, despite the overall decline in sales in the Russian car market

  • Lada sales continue to grow
  • Lada sales continue to grow

Despite the overall decline in sales in the Russian car market, which is especially noticeable in the car segment of economy class, where all the models of Lada, AvtoVAZ shows growth in sales.

In August, AvtoVAZ sold 44,314 cars Lada — by 6.5% more than in July. In the Russian Lada dealers bought 39,079 vehicles — 4.1% more than in July. The press service of AvtoVAZ.

 For 8 months of 2013 AvtoVAZ sold only 350,116 cars Lada. Figure is 10.9% less than the same period last year. In Russia since the beginning of 2013 Lada dealers sold 303,357 vehicles — 13.1% less than in January-August 2012

Lada Granta remains the undisputed market leader for 12 consecutive months. In August, the Russian AvtoVAZ sold 14,951 cars of this model.

AvtoVAZ continues to update the lineup Lada. The volume of production of new models is growing and gradually comes to optimum capacity.
This March 2013 AvtoVAZ ended production of the first generation of Lada Kalina, which affects both the total volume of sales of cars Lada, and on the implementation of this model.

The new Lada Kalina is showing good momentum. In July, dealers sold 1,136 new Lada Lada Kalina, and in August already — 2461. The growth was 117%.

Lada Largus continues to lead among generalists. This machine is still among the top ten best-selling in Russia. In August, sold a record number of wagons and vans of the family after the start of sales — 6,182 cars, and since the beginning of the year — 38,712 Lada Largus.

Sales of Lada in Russia in August 2013 (from July)

— Lada Granta — 14951 pcs. (+2.8%);

— A new Lada Kalina — 2461 pcs. (116.6%);

— Lada Largus — 6182 pcs. (+15.0%);

— Lada 4×4 — 5885 pcs. (71.5%);

— Lada Samara — 4041 pcs. (-18.4%);

— Lada 2104 — 82 pcs. (-53.9%).

For export in August 5235 sent AvtoVAZ Lada, since the beginning of 2013 — 46 759 vehicles.

ATVOVAZone of the largest producers of passenger cars in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company is the city main for the city of Togliatti, Samara region. The company currently employs about 68 thousand people.

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